Quick Response - QR Codes in Action

QR Codes



Do you have QR code scanner on your phone? Do you need one? Recently several people have asked about using QR codes. They are used in schools, businesses and more. QR stands for Quick Response. They do exactly what their name implies. If you scan them, they will give you a quick response! You will be directed to a website, image, video or other place where you will find more information. 

QR codes can be generated easily using any of a number of free QR code generators

  1. Google QR code generator - also has a Chrome extension so that you can easily create QR codes right from your browser. 
  2. Unitag - www.unitaglive.com/qrcode - this has many fun customizable options such as color, shape and logo. I want to explore this one further! Here is a handy how to for Unitag http://aturntolearn.blogspot.com/2013/09/how-to-make-pretty-qr-codes.html

and accessed using any QR code scanner app ((also free) code scanner. One I use is called I-nigma. I had students use this one too and it worked well in the classroom!


Uses in Education

Create QR Codes for quick student access to websites or apps they will be using in class

  1. Have students create QR codes leading to their work or online portfolio
  2. Have students create reviews of books or peer reviews. Teachers and students can easily access in class.
  3. Create stations for review and learning around the classroom. Make the codes available for home review also. 

Uses for Organizations, Business, Individuals

  1. Create a QR code for your business card leading directly to your website, Linkedin profile or online portfolio
  2. Create QR codes for upcoming events
  3. Create QR codes for any handouts, products or materials you distribute.