I recently went to Houston to attend the NCEA (National Catholic Educator's Conference)

I was there to present on two topics:

  1. Building an Online Community of Educators with a Twitter Chat #CatholicEDchat with Barb Gilman and Nick Senger
  2. Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) with Jim Meredith and Barb Gilman

Despite a very rough beginning to the week, I did get to connect with a few wonderful people and witness the dedication of others in Catholic education. 

I understand now that getting through those presentations just after a serious accident would have been 'virtually' impossible without the support and collaboration of my own personal network many of whom I was meeting face to face for the first time. I am truly grateful to those who came and shared their stories and lessons, joined us in the online chat and supported us just by being there.

Through it all, I got to encounter nice people at the conference who were truly dedicated to Catholic Education. I also got to visit with some educators I had worked with for years in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Wonderful sessions were held by some of our #catholicEDchat friends - Greg Dyuvetter and Carmen, Barb Gilman and Nick Senger presented on Global Projects. They did a great job! It was wonderful to meet people from our online community face to face for the first time. They are so inspiring and gifted!