Web and Social Media Analytics

Keeping track of web and social media analytics is a great way to find out what resonates most with people. Every social media and web tool has a way to measure views and reach. Some tools will also track multiple tools and aggregate information. 

Reasons to Track Web and Social Media Reach

  1. Find out what resonates most with your readers/followers  - What do people like most? Share most? 
  2. Evaluate process currently being used - What is working? What is not?
  3. Use results to Inform upcoming strategy and update communications plans - What needs to be added to your current processes? What can you take away?
  4. Report out to organization/school/business - Is devoting resources paying off?
  5. Communicate to public - People find statistics interesting. What about this information will be valuable to the public?
  6. It is easy - How is this best done? There are many great tools to assist in the process. 
  7. Continue sharing great information! - How can you continue to provide great information that is valuable to others? 

Below is an infographic generated after WMOF. These statistics cover one week of web traffic and social media and represent highlights from our website and social media statistics. What stands out to you most?

In a future post, I'll look at specific tools for generating statistics and infographics.