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Nancy Caramanico has spent nearly two decades fostering innovative technology and learning environments. Nancy writes articles for Tech&Learning Magazine and School CIO. She motivates leaders and educators with insights into learning, communication strategies for engaging community, and solutions for transforming organizations through innovative technology. Nancy’s proficiency comes from a proven background in technology, education, strategic planning and leadership. She received her Master's Degree from Saint Joseph's University and a Distance Learning Certification from Teacher's College, Columbia University. She is a certified Instructional Technology Specialist. 

Nancy worked in private schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for 17 years as a teacher, tech coordinator, staff developer and then as K-12 Technology Director, directing many large-scale projects using technology to improve learning and leadership results. She served on the diocesan-level IT task force for designing the first high-tech high school for the Philadelphia Archdiocese, refresh of diocesan-wide and school websites for 200 schools and spearheaded the diocese's first online professional development initiative entitled the Virtual Academy. An adjunct professor in graduate level educational leadership for 10 years, Nancy was one of the first at the college to write and deliver an online course. Nancy has been an organizer of online communities and social media connections and coordinates an online community for Catholic educators. Nancy serves on educational advisory boards for Acer Corporation, School CIO and Mercy Vocational High School.