Today our lives are increasingly influenced by all thing digital! I help leaders and organizations to use the latest and most innovative technology, social media and digital tools. 

I had the honor of working as the Digital Content Manager for World Meeting of Families Philadelphia 2015 and the Visit of Pope Francis. This was a wonderful experience and one I'll always remember. 

Instructional Technology Specialist, Teacher and Consultant and experienced Director for Technology, K-12 in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

As a consultant I help many schools and organizations to learn, select and use today's latest technology. Learn about and implement today's tech tools, social media and resources. 

-Current projects - Neumann University Center for Leadership, Aston, Pa.

St. James Regional Catholic School Technology, Ridley Park

~Served as Director of Technology K-12 and central office administrator, Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Enthusiast for technology, education, social media and learning today. 

I have spent a large part of the time of my 20 years in education working in Catholic Schools. I have taught grades K-16 and for 10 years taught as an adjunct professor in Graduate Education. 

I now also assist various organizations with learning, selecting and using technology and social media. 




 Education, Schools

Education, Schools